Yes, samples are free, but customer should afford the freights.

It is latest and fashionable new construction material and very popular now because of its character.

Item Thickness(mm) Size(mm) Backside Color
External wall 10-12 1220x2400/2700/3000 Textile/sanded white, grey, green
Flooring board 15/16/18/20/22 600x1200/2400/2700/3000 Textile/sanded
Ceiling board 3-4.5-6 600/1200x600/1200 Textile/sanded
Interior board 6-8-9-10 1220x2440/2700/3000 Textile/sanded
Edges type
Thickness is form 3-20mm.Max Size is 1220x3050mm
Other customized size and types are available.

Comparation of the MgO plate boards and other boards:

Attributes Magnesium Oxide Board Gypsum Board Plywood/OSB Cement Board
Fire Resistant& Non-Combustible Yes Yes
Water & Moisture Resistant Yes Yes
Mold & Mildew Free Yes Yes
Insect Resistant Yes Yes
Nall Yes Yes Yes Yes
Cut/Saw-No special tools Yes Yes Yes
Wallpaper over Yes Yes
Tile Backer Yes Yes
Insulation Sound & Heat Yes Yes
Environmentally Green& Non-Toxic Yes
Strong & Durable Yes Yes Yes
Light Weight Yes Yes
Recyclable Yes
Item  No. W  X  L  X  T qty/pallet PCs/pallet
Mgo board 1220*2440*3mm 250 1500PCS, 6 pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*4mm 200 1200PCS, 6 pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*5mm 160 960PCS, 6 pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*6mm 135 810PCS,   6pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*8mm 110 660PCS,   6  pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*9mm 96 576PCS,   6  pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*10mm 90 540PCS,   6  pallets
Mgo board 1220*2440*12mm 75 450PCS,   6  pallets